Jitesh Upadhyay

Hi Abhishek ji, as I know you personally and it gives me immense pleasure to join you as a student of EAP and the knowledge which I got is incomparable as I have joined class before with Agrawal corporate which I joined because of number of followers but after that class I was not able to trade as stop-loss were too big but here is very difference as I have got very clear understanding of entry exit and stop-loss which was not possible by earlier class and I was not able to trade. But now after your detail and unique teaching which has plenty of time for students and not being in hurry to just complete the course. This course gives clear insight for not only market prediction but for a proper trade which is difficult to find in other courses. Your method of teaching is very lucid and easy for beginner even  who don\’t have much idea about market.\r\nIn short learning is essential part of market whether it is trading or investment as we study and learn for another stream of our life. Thank you so much for your efforts where all students taken care of about their questions and doubts with no scarcity of time. At last my advice to new one in market please learn to save your capital and earn profit from anywhere but if you want true learning join EAP. Thank you Abhishek ji once again for wonderful course.

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