Arman, Mumbai

Hi everyone
Myself Arman from Mumbai
I started my journey in 2018 as every newbie does, i also subscribe for Tipsters & follow their calls, make profits & losses but Losses were more compare to gains so finally I was in deep Red then i switched one to another tipsters and till here i was in loss of 2 lacs+.
Then i realised without learning earning not possible in this market so i gone through a course run by Faku trainer (who has thousands subscriber on social media), but it was not enough as SL was big & he never teaches proper Entry/exit.
I was about to exit Market but luckily I got EAP channel on Utube then i follow him about 6months,then i realised that EAP can help me out,then i joined his training,He explained each & every concepts, his language was easy to understand & he is very approachable,he always clear my each & every doubts.
Now i feel confident under his mentorship as he is true mentor who correct me on every wrong step.
My request to every learner who want to Learn Technical Analysis, U must join EAP classes as he is the genuine & Real mentor in each & every aspects,i can guarantee u that after his class u will feel difference in urself.
One more thing which is Unique in EAP,if after classes u r not satisfied then u can ask for ur fees as he give money-back Guarantee

So please learn from a master who knows how to Teach and how to groom as a trader.

Thank u so much Abhishek Sir for changing my Life

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