Suresh Chidambaram

Equity Advance Prediction is a platform where even a fresher can learn the advance techniques for trading in Stocks/Currency/Commodities in a lucid way. The mentor and teacher Shri Abhisekh Gupta is really a nice person who is very cordial and friendly. He is a treasure of knowledge. He does not get irritated when students ask the same question again and again. On the contrary he explains each time in a different way and continues till the student understands it. He ensures that each student participates during live session. He keeps his student batch small so that he can pay attention to all. He arranges live session with old students where students interact freely and also learn from them. He always says learn the secret of trade and do not rely on tips. His concept about market, reading Candle Sticks/Line charts is awesome. He is instrumental in taking trades with stop loss as low as 10 points in Nifty which he teaches his students also.

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